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This is the only website where you get to have fun while reading interesting reviews about my favorite BBQ Restaurants! Yea! I am a BBQ lover and have visited numerous BBQ restaurants around the world. Therefore, I have created BBQatlas totake you along the journey with me. I will be reviewing different BBQ restaurants where you can get that which your heart desires.

At BBQatlas I, King of BBQ as most people call me, will be guiding you on choosing the best BBQ restaurants, give you access to some of my favorite not-so-secret-anymore recipes and I will also tell you my best rubs and sauces, yum. You will also be getting the reviews of the best and affordable BBQ grills in the market. BBQ grills that you can use both indoors and outdoors to grill for your families and friends in any form of gathering. Not only the reviews of these grills, the official sites of their manufacturers where you can find the authorized dealers so you can buy quality and guaranteed products are also made readily available, just for you!


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I'm Bob, and I am about to take you into my world of adventure through a short story telling you're surely going to enjoy! I was once a gambler or let me say coordinator of gamblers as I myself did not really gamble that often. Not that I did not like it but more because I am too emotional to take such a risk. I worked with one of the online companies that paid me a real cool cash to at least get me the new grill I wanted.

Working as customer service for the company was fun and sometimes sad because when you get to see how devastated some people get after losing almost all of their life savings in less than three hours of gambling. Through my expertise and experience while working there, I can offer you great tips on the best casino sites and casino games.

I mean, if you guys are interested in knowing more about gambling, I don’t mind making a blog post or two about it. Aside from that, every other aspect about the company was on point and much more on point was my friend, Anthony!

Anthony was the guy I worked with that taught me that life is full of shits and as such, he will always say, "shit happens and life continues because life is full of it." Days when my mood will be down because of things unknown even to myself, Anthony will step into the game and make the day bright all over again. We became not just friends, but brothers that even his girlfriend, Christiana recognized me as her brother-in-law, yea! We were that close.

As you all know, odds are always in favor of casinos, always winning and making money but due to strictcountry regulations, the casino companywe were working for went bankrupt, and as such, our early retirement came without initially planning towards it.


It was easier for us to just move on and have as much fun as we can around Las Vegas where my 42 years old self life had always been.

On this faithful day we were having fun when Anthony suddenly stumbled on a BBQ contest advert. Oh yea! Worthy of mentioning is the fact that much of our funs always reside around going to BBQ restaurants and treating ourselves to the topnotch fullest. Sometimes, we stayed indoors and when we did, I’d treat everyone to my sumptuously, mouthwatering BBQ. Of course, at that time not at a professional level. I would just go to the butcher; buy some meat and grill. We'd just enjoy the food and drink some wine while discussing my numerous girlfriends that have come into my life and left because they wanted something, I wasn’t ready for, Marriage.

He showed me the ad but I was not interested, as my confidence in making BBQ was not yet that bold. However, before I could finish my statement of rejection, Anthony already signed me up! I immediately received the details of the competition on my phone. I wanted to kick him right in the balls but all thanks to Christiana who came to his rescue.


With a nonchalant attitude, I approached the prep for the competition with Anthony and I discovered my passion for BBQ was being built in a way I could never possibly imagine. The day of the competition came and I was so tensed that I almost forgot my rehearsed recipes on the stage. The judges were seated, the audience cheering, including Christiana and Anthony as my only fans at the start of the competition.

The competition kicked off and the air was filled with the sweet aroma of burning meat. I felt so comfortable and was excited to discover that I wasn’t nervous anymore. Even when the judges walked around to inspect the competitors and their dishes, I was totally at ease because not to brag, but I know I rocked. BBQ was my thing and I knew nothing could change that.

The judges were done and it was time to call the results of which they were only going to announce the first three positions out of ten participants. There was a mild tension in the air and the atmosphere was as charged as it could be. The winner of the third position was called and his gift was presented to him with a lot of people cheering him up. Looking into the mini crowd, I saw Anthony's eyes closed as tension was all over him.

"And the winner of this edition of BBQ competition, the one that will be crowned the King of BBQ in the whole of Las Vegas is no other person than..."

He took a pause and the tension grew even deeper, silence was everywhere and we, the remaining participants were just busy staring at each other as one guy already gave up and started packing his things.

I was busy staring at the pretty lady when I suddenly heard my name called! What!? I was shocked and in awe as everyone started jubilating. Anthony ran to the stage and we both almost fell down while he jumped on me. I went forward for my gift and the lady whispered again. "I told you!" I could not respond until she came close again and said, "Do you mind cooking for my friend’s baby shower? You will be very well paid, I promise." I got shocked and at the same time happy. I became full of myself as cameras roll and I instantly turned a celebrity and crowned the King of BBQ which came with a lot of benefits, one of which was touring about five restaurants for free.

It was during this period of touring that I started getting invitations to come to other restaurants and instantly, money started flowing in.


Just to keep the memories of adventurous experiences of once working for an online casino, I also visited the renowned casinos and other popular places around Las Vegas just to break out of the BBQ restaurants routine and make more fun out of the adventure. On the note I know a great casino that offers amazing bonuses. Check it out if you want to know more!

As you can infer from this short story, I didn’t choose BBQ, it chose me! Just kidding, we both have a thing for each other and I will be sharing what we have in common with you. I will be reviewing the best and the most amazing BBQ restaurants using both my natural BBQ talents and the wealth of knowledge I gathered while touring the world in pursuit of the best BBQ restaurants where you can get the life essentials, Food!