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Cooking generally is an arcane art, it involves skills and techniques possessed by very few. BBQ as a cooking method, goes well by adding heat from beneath. Food is something you will surely want to savor and get the best of every single bite. I’ve been to several restaurants and seen talented cooks with several years of cooking experience serving ashes as BBQs. Not literal ashes, I mean burnt BBQs. Using myself for example as the king of BBQ, I will probably disappoint my fans and do the same if I’m told to prepare BBQ on some God-forsaken BBQ grills. Truth be told!

I’ve been to the best BBQ restaurants and they all seem to have one thing in common, the best BBQ Grills in the market. Then I come to realize they are not just rated the best by mistake, but by the use of advanced and efficient equipment in preparing their BBQs. Just for you, below are the reviews of the best skill-complementing BBQs grills in the market these restaurants use.


This grill is a flagship for its manufacturing company, really close to something never seen before. Its stylish design and unique features make it stand out in the market. It has four legs that can easily be adjusted to your desired and convenient cooking heights. Two out of the four legs are equipped with heavy-duty wheels for easy mobility. This kettle grill has an exquisite bowl and a lid fixed to it for safety reasons, to prevent sliding while checking your food by slightly lifting the lid. Both the bowl and lid are coated with porcelain-enamel. This coating is heat-resistant and prevents rust making the BBQ grill looks new years after years.

Under it is an easy-to-clean ash catcher that unclips and freely disposes of the ash. It also comes with quality cast-iron wave cooking grids and an inbuilt thermometer gauge. The cooking grids disperses the heat evenly and maintain heat for longer, also a provision of immense searing capabilities. You can keep an eye on the internal cooking temperature with the inbuilt thermometer.

It cost $330 and will surely serve the purpose that worth more than that. There are more to these outstanding features, you can visit to buy their awesome kettle grill and for more info.

Weber Master –

This is another kettle-like BBQ grill fully packed with addictive features any griller won’t be able to do without once experienced. It has a triple-plated, highly durable and fantastic steel body coated with extra durable porcelain-enamel. Also, the lid is porcelain-enameled with a heat shield handle. Cooking with this lid gives easy control over temperature and generation of consistent heat by reducing flare-ups to create outstanding results. Big enough to cook for a gathering or family and comes in different colors. The heavy-gauge charcoal cooking grate also makes it easy for you to add fuel, charcoal, without having to remove the whole cooking grate. Forget about height, the spring clip/ push pin leg assembly got you fully covered.

The removable high capacity aluminum ash catcher makes it easy to quickly and simply evacuate the ash in your grill into the collection pan, the One-Touch Cleaning System. Tuck-Away lid bale, sear grate, poultry roaster, Dutch oven, and griddle are readily part of its outstanding features you can make use of to prepare the same quality of BBQs just like the top-rated restaurants.

Its cost is between $250 - $300 and comes with 10 years warranty. I know you like the sound of that warranty. Visit for more information.

Big Green –

This is a versatile outdoor ceramic charcoal grill, it can be used as an oven, a smoker or normally as a grill. As the name implies, it is shaped like a big egg that is green in color. One of its many superbfeatures, achieving high temperatures, is attributed to the ability of the ceramic shells to focus heat, it also holds low temperatures for long and this makes it useful as a smoker.

Another thing that interest grillers about this BBQ grill are its precision temperature gauge, it gives easy control over temperature and accuracy up to 7590F. Many indoor ovens cannot match these features and this can be seen as one of its Unique Selling Points because when you grill you will need to have good and accurate control over the temperature. It can cook a considerable amount of mouthwatering delicacies.

It cost almost $700 depending on the dealer. You can visit their official site to find their dealers or store within your area.

Traeger Pro 575 –

Here comes the pioneer, the game-changer. This BBQ infuses the art of grilling with technology, it enables grilling over the WiFi. It allows you to control the grilling process over WiFi from anywhere. It sounds funny, right? Not only that, with the Traegor PRO 575 Pellet grill app, your culinary skills would never remain the same, it will boost it up to the level that you might want to consider turning grilling into a career.

This BBQ grill is just like nothing ever seen before, I can boldly say “it is beyond what can be compared with any other BBQ grill in the market.” It proves some general cooking philosophies wrong with its 6-in-1 versatility; baking, roasting, smoking, braising and barbecue. I really like this BBQ grill due to the technological inclinations harnessed in its operating principle.

It almost invaluable and priceless to me as I know what its capable of doing with my grills. It is around $800, and trust me, you will get more than what you pay for with this BBQ grill. Visit Traeger Pro to get to know more about this TechGrilling device.

Char Broil –

This is another version of the kamado. It is less expensive compared to the kamados and performs efficiently just like them. It has an insulated double-walled steel construction that quickly generates and evenly distributes heat. With the double-wall, it seals in both heat and moisture. The innovative, easy and good temperature control makes it efficient and suitable for almost all types of cooking, low-and-slow smoking, high temperature searing. With this low-budget BBQ grill, you can still complement your culinary skills with quality equipment without your treasury bills.

It can work as a roasting oven, a smoker or normally as a grill. Removable ash catcher, spring-loaded lid for easy lifting, fold-away side table are parts of its distinctive features. Its unique selling point is its affordability. For as low as $350 you get to experience great grilling experience that only comes with more expensive BBQ grills. To find a dealer and make a purchase, visit their official page to find the nearest one.