I do hope that the recipes I wrote down will come in handy for you guys. You can experiment with different ingredients to add more spice to your meals, that’s absolutely fine. Also, if you need more delicious recipes or if you have questions concerning the given recipes, you can contact me via my email by sending a mail to me at Bob@bbqatlas.com.

All questions and new suggestions are welcome.

If you also have a special recipe you would love me to try out, please feel free to email me about it.

Now, you guys also know I travel a lot and when I do, I love to dine fine. If you have any recommendations of lovely grill restaurants I could visit, you are welcome to also send me the locations and brief me on what to expect when I get there.

Food is a necessity in life, but good food is one of the little miracles that actually makes life worth living. I never shy away from good recommendations and I promise to always keep you guys updated. If you have any special food requests, feel free to also contact me.

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