Now that it’s almost Christmas time, we can finally offer our loyal readers something really nice. We will give away 5 green egg barbecues to the winners of our Christmas scratch card game, that will be published on our website in the month December. Gratisgokken is the translation of free gambling and that is exactly what you expect from this fun scratch card. There are 5 different symbols hidden behind the boxes. The symbols are represent a Christmas gift and if you happen to scratch 3 the same symbols on one scratch card, the gift will be yours!
What kind of symbols did we used on this card? You can find the following 5 icons: barbecue, flames, steak, cutlery and a bag of charcoal. If you scratch 3 different charcoal symbols, you will win a Jack Daniel Barbecue package including charcoal and barbecue sauce.

If you end up the gratisgokken game with 3 or more flames symbols, you will receive a really nice barbecue stainless steel package with 4 different tools! If you happen to scratch the steak symbol, you will receive a big steak of high quality provided by our partner the Butcher BBQ. With the cutlery symbol you will win a BBQ restaurant voucher with a free meal for one person, that is just amazing. The barbecue symbol represents the biggest gift that we can provide the people that will try out their luck. If you happen to scratch 3 barbecue symbols, you will win the Big Green Egg barbecue! This type of barbecue is the best one of this season and it works amazing. Enjoy the best and tasty meat with the help of this great barbecue and we can ensure you that you don’t want anything else. This Green Egg barbecue is also a great eyecatcher in your garden or patio.

So what do you have to do to get a chance of winning one of our spectacular prizes? First, you’ll have to wait until the month of December. We will announce the release of the game with the help of our mailing list. Would you like to receive a newsletter from BBQ Atlas with the big announcement? Then you should sign up for our upcoming newsletter and you will not miss this great deal. Besides this scratch card, we frequently offer other kind of great BBQ deals. BBQ Atlas is always making sure that you will find the newest BBQ restaurants and news related to this kind of topic. Looking for a great barbecue yourself? We can also assist you in making the right choice, by providing more information about the different types of barbecues.

Make sure to be ready when we are launching our gratisgokken (also known FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager) Christmas scratch card. It’s going to be a fun online game with a lot of great animations and dynamic graphics. You can play this game one time only, so make sure that the luck will be in your favor. If you would like to know how to sign up for our BBQ newsletter, make sure to check this website for more information.