It’s no news to anyone that I’m a sucker for good food. Over the years, I have perfected my culinary skills and via this post, I will be giving some of my favourite dishes including the recipes and how to make them

indian chicken

What makes Indian Barbecue Different from the Western Version?

We tend to think of Barbeque as a western invention. However, people have been using wood and charcoal to bake,...
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Good Morning Sunshine BBQ Chicken

You all know me, I’m a sucker for BBQ. I’m a sucker for chicken also. So, imagine how crazy I...

Pork and Veggie Law.

Don’t be surprised by the name of this dish, you know how I love to customize the name of my...

Veggie Salad and Seared Salmon Dish

This is one of my best seafood dishes. It is that dish I make when I want to eat super...

Blue Dreams Sauce

I’m pretty sure you are wondering what this is, haha. I love to give my signature meals their own names...


This recipe is also known as “Jerk Leg of Lamb.” It is a favourite of mine and it is one...