Welcome to my world. I love food a lot and it’s not a surprise that BBQ is at the top of my list. I have eaten in more restaurants than I can remember and it’s sad to admit that a lot of them are lacking in the skills to make an amazing BBQ. I have been crowned as King of BBQ so, I know what I’m talking about.

I have a very refined palette and call me spoiled, but am very picky so I always want the best and nothing less. I have been to a lot of restaurants around the world. Here are some of my favourites!


Lucilles Smokehouse BBQ –

     5 out of 5

AhhLucilles is a favourite of mine. I will never forget the first time I visited the restaurant; I was a bit sceptical. It had been a long time since my friends, Pete and Mabel had been begging me to come over for a visit so, I decided to take a weekend off.

We had a lot of fun that day then that night, we were so hungry and as the guest, I was asked to select a cuisine. I chose my BBQ as usual then they decided to take me to Lucille’s.

I was sceptical until I entered the restaurant. it was so cosy and comfortable plus the staff was very friendly. When the staff heard it was my first time, they decided to give the legendary ‘Baby Back Ribs.’ it was so tasty, I had two helpings. The meat was tender and so well spiced, I cleared my plate.

Maple Tree House –

     4.5 out of 5

Yeoboseyo my friends. I learned this greeting the first time I went for a concert in Korea. It was a wonderful, colourful city and the indigenes were so friendly. I was so hungry for BBQ, I had to ask a young man I hired as a translator to take me to a place where I could get good BBQs and that was when he took me to Maple Tree House located Itaewong-dong, Yongsan-gu. The first thing I loved was the atmosphere, it was so cool and the service was quick and awesome.

I had a plate of cold noodles and pork BBQ. Believe me, I was wowed because everything was cooked to perfection and the meat was so high quality and fresh. I was also impressed that the menu offered options for people with special diets like the gluten free option, that’s sure not something you see every day.

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Smokestak –

     4 out of 5

This is one restaurant I will not forget in a hurry. it was the first restaurant I took my ex-girlfriend to and believe me, she was amazed.

The restaurant was so classy and stylish, Brie was left breathless. We started at the bar which served delicious cocktails and to be on a safe side, I ordered the Burnt Peach Old Fashion and I was amazed that liquor could taste so good.

When it was time to dine, we were guided by a jovial staff to the terrace and that was where we had our dinner of Beef Brisket and Mustard Barbecue. It was so delicious I can still taste it now as I type this. Brie wasn’t exactly a fan of BBQ but even she was so thoroughly impressed, we had to order a second helping to go.

Located at 35, Scalter street, London, this is a restaurant you should try out if you happen to be in London.

Kucukoglu Barbecue –

     3.5 out of 5

I honestly cannot remember what I went to Turkey for, but what I doubt I can ever forget is this restaurant. In this restaurant, I ate the most fantastic meal I had ever eaten before! Where do I even start with this restaurant?

Do I start from the exceptional service or the mind-blowing food? The Kucukoglu is hands down the best place to eat in Istanbul.  It is a restaurant that radiates joy and comfort. I am a sucker for comfort and I felt home when I was in that restaurant. The wait staff was so accommodating and attentive, I felt like a king. They welcomed me to Istanbul like I was royalty and I even got some complimentary appetizers on the house. The main course was wonderful and it was good to know that they had delicacies for people with special needs like vegans, vegetarians and others. It’s a must try for anyone visiting Istanbul.


BBQ Al Qasr –

     4 out of 5

Abu Dhabi is no doubt one of the most beautiful place in this world. The city is magnificent and classy, it’s no wonder wealth flows like honey over there.

My first dining experience here was also with Brie, my ex and believe me, it was right out of a romantic novel. The scene and setting of the place were the most romantic things I’d ever seen in real life and Brie was dumbfounded with ecstasy and admiration. We had a premium, perfectly grilled beef dinner on the beach and while we dined on the sumptuous meal, we were gazing into the clear water and the bright stars-filled sky.

It was even more amazing because we watched our meal being prepared and trust me, those guys have mastered the full art of making fine cuisines. The wait staff was wonderful too and overall, we really did feel like royalty. Brie still talked about that experience four months after it had passed, it was that good.

Virgil's Real BBQ –

     4.5 out of 5

I can’t forget my first experience in this restaurant. It was both a memorable and delicious one. It was my birthday and my friends threw me a surprise party in the restaurant. I got a text that day from Mark, my good buddy to come over to 152 W 44th Street, NYC and I was wondering why. You cannot imagine my surprise when I saw that seven of my friends were already there and two had flown in that day from Las Vegas.

I had the BBQ chicken wings and I fell in love with it on first taste. The flavouring was done to perfection and the meat was so tender. The service was so good, even the staff sang me a ‘happy birthday’ song. The atmosphere was so conducive and I especially loved how friendly the prices were. It’s hard finding food so good with prices so affordable. It is a definite must-try for any foreigner visiting NYC or anyone living in NYC that has not been there yet.


Franklin Barbecue –

     4 out of 5

Located at 900 E 11th St, Austin TX, one thing I can guarantee about this restaurant is that you will always meet a tasty meal. And by tasty, I mean no doubt mouth-watering. My friends and I were indecisive as to where to go for a trip one time, until Cameron (another pal who lives in Texas) convinced us to come over. Normally, I’m indifferent as to trip locations because my major concern is always the dining experience. I told Cameron this and he told me not to worry.

Well, from the crowd we met outside the restaurant, we knew he was right and the food was honestly worth the wait. The brisket I ate was one of the best I’d ever had and honestly, we pigged out that weekend. The food was so good, as early as 7am the next day, we were already waiting in line and boy did we eat to our satisfaction. The hype was true and we thanked Cameron for a great weekend because it was worth it!